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Monaco Monte Carlo Helicopter Transfers

Heli Air Monaco has been established since 1976 and offers service to over 100,000 passengers each year. Heli Air Monaco operates daily 30 flights from Nice Airport to the Principality. The first flights are departing Monaco at 08:30 and the last flight returning from Nice is at 20:00 hours.

Monaco Monte Carlo Helicopter transfers you book here. Heli Air Monaco also offers private flights to various destinations in France, Italy and Switzerland. Heli Air is also the specialist for movie shootings, aerial pictures, TV reports and transportation of large and heavy items.

Helicopter Transfers from Nice Airport to Monaco 
Heli Air Monaco has been chosen to transfer all passengers of from Nice Cote D’Azur Airport to the Principality of Monaco and v.v. Especially during the high summer season, transfers between Monaco and Nice Airport are very convenient and relaxing. The views are astonishing and one can feel like being in a James Bond movie.

Monaco Monte Carlo Helicopter Transfers are including a joined scheduled minibus from the Monaco Heliport Terminal to your hotel and v.v. Ask us for more information.

Monaco Monte Carlo Helicopter Transfers Flight Timetable & Prices
Validity: whole year around
One way transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco @ Euros 118.- per person (excluding tax)
One way transfer from Monaco to Nice Airport @ Euros 118.- per person (excluding tax)

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